Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori has announced that that he has successfully impregnated three women with clones and the first one?a boy?will be born in Serbia in January. The Raelians UFO group also claims to have created the first clone and says a woman in its care will give birth to a girl by the end of December. Spokeswoman Brigitte Boisselier says, “We have five pregnancies under way, of which one is almost due.” Two U.S. couples, two Asian couples and one European couple are involved in the Raelians project.

Last January, an international group of 20 specialists, including Antinori and American doctor Panos Zavos, said they intended to clone a human being in order to help sterile couples have children. Antinori became famous in 1994 when he helped a 63-year-old post-menopausal Italian woman become pregnant with fertility treatment. Last April, he said one woman he was treating was eight weeks pregnant with a clone. If this pregnancy had gone to full term, the woman would have given birth by now.

In order to prove the Realianism baby is actually a clone, Boisselier says a DNA expert will take samples from the baby and the mother a few days after the birth and test them for an exact match. Mark Westhusin, who cloned a cat last February, says of the DNA testing, “I think the world would demand it.”

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