Subscribers: We have a special interview for you with Laurence Gardner, who will be on Dreamland May 10, about the museum looting in Iraq. Peter Levenda writes in his new Insight about the destruction of the Baghdad museum: “This was the history promoted so vigorously by Saddam Hussein. In an effort to make the Iraqis feel pride in this ancient heritage, he characterized the hostile American intentions against Iraq as an attempt to prohibit the rise of a new Babylon, an attempt fueled in part by America’s perceived alliance with Israel. According to this theory, Israel ? which is waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon and the arrival of the Messiah ? does not want to see a similar reconstruction of the city of Babylon, which was Biblical Israel’s enemy?This concept fuels a belief that the war between Israel and its neighbors goes beyond religion and deeper into race; deeper into a history that is as old as Babylon itself.”

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