…especially if you watch those medical shows – Watching TV can be bad for us, but sometimes it does a lot of good. Many TV series are set in hospitals and this has made people more confident about trying to resuscitate people who have strokes or are choking on food. But 77% of the people surveyed say they don’t know how to help. But (believe it or not) that may not matter!

BBC News quotes ambulance tech Isobel Sternfeld as saying, “When you’re talking about things like CPR, you can’t make things worse?If someone’s not breathing, they’re not breathing. If you don’t do anything, they’re still not breathing, but if you do something you will be giving them a chance.”

Ambulance tech Andrew New thinks that everyone should have a first aid manual at home. BBC quotes him as saying, “No home should be without one.” (And maybe no home should be without a TV, either!)

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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