Ever get the suspicion that someone is spying on you? There have been hints that we may soon be sold clothes and personal items containing tiny GPS units that track our movements. In Brazil, boxes of laundry detergent did this!

In Brazil, the Unilever company embedded GPS trackers in some boxes of Omo laundry detergent, as an incentive to et consumers to buy more of it. These were special “prize winning” boxes that enabled Unilever agents to find their way to a consumer’s front door and give him (or her) a prize.

In Natural News, Mike Adams writes: “Mysteriously, during the marketing brainstorm sessions on these marketing plans, nobody at Unilever thought to mention that following people to their homes is considered stalking. But what’s a little stalking compared to boosting the commercial sales of a high-profit brand? I bet they don’t run this promo in Texas, or Unilever’s agents are likely to get their heads shot off before they even make it to the front porch of some security-minded farm customer who doesn’t let a team of strangers run up on his front porch without unloading a few cartridges from Mr. Remington.”

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