You can’t hide the truth from your dentist! For instance, they can spot bulemics (who gorge and purge) from the way their teeth become eroded by stomach acid.

Dentist Mohamed Bassiouny is a sort of “tooth detective.” He discovered a patient whose teeth had eroded from stomach acids not caused by an eating disorder. Instead this woman had a bad case of menstrual cramps that forced stomach acids back up into her mouth, where they ate away her tooth enamel.

Individuals reporting a history of gum disease were more likely to have increased levels of inflammation, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Researcher Lori Mosca says, “Our finding is novel because it suggests the dentist and oral health exam may be the latest weapon in identifying persons at risk of cardiovascular disease, our nation’s number one killer.”

Bassiouny says, “Many patients can have damage to their teeth as a result of another disorder or because of a lifestyle or habit. But many have lived with it for so long that they may not recognize that there’s a problem. They may think its normal, so they don?t even mention it to the doctor when they go for a check-up, but if we see something in the mouth that raises a red flag?we can also direct them to get the proper care they need if something serious is happening elsewhere in the body.”

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