There is ongoing controversy about whether or not a miniature species of human beings once lived on a remote island in Indonesia. Now archeologists have discovered tiny tools suggesting that this race of small humans really did exist. Anthropologist James Phillips says, “These tools are so advanced that there is no way they were made by anyone other than Homo sapiens.”

Steve Connor writes in the Independent that these people, who have been nicknamed “Hobbits” by the scientific community, were about 3 feet tall and became extinct over 10,000 years ago. Despite having small brains (the skulls that have been found can fit into the palm of a hand), they created fairly sophisticated tools.

Skeptics recently dismissed the idea that the skull that has been found came from a separate race, saying instead that it belonged to a person with a genetic condition known as microcephaly.

Anthropologists are being extremely cautious since many of them remember the scandal of “Piltdown Man” and they don’t want to get hoaxed again. Piltdown Man’s bones were discovered in in the UK between 1911 and 1915. He was announced with great fanfare as the “missing link,” but careful study showed that his remains were actually a mixture of modern human and primate bones (this was before DNA testing was available).

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