Despite “Clear Skies” and other government programs, there are still 100 million people in 21 U.S. states who breathe unhealthy levels of tiny particles from coal-burning power plants, cars and factories, according to the EPA.

Chris Baltimore writes that 243 counties in mostly Eastern states, as well as in California, don’t comply with Environmental Protection Agency proposals to limit emissions of the extremely tiny particles. These particles are 28 times smaller than the width of a human hair, but they can cause death from heart and lung disease, as well as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

These tiny particles come from cars and trucks, wood-burning stoves, forest fires, power plants and factories. In California, most come from cars and trucks, while in Eastern states, most of them come from coal-burning power plants. The nation’s 1,100 coal-burning power plants are the largest single source.

The blackout in August, 2003 that left 50 million Americans without power did one good thing: it made the air cleaner. This shows that if we can clean up power plants, we?ll go a long way towards clearing up the air.

Jenny Hogan writes in New Scientist that as power plants shut down, their emissions dropped by two-thirds or more. Sulfur dioxide levels decreased by 90% and there was half the amount of ozone. Meteorologist Russell Dickerson says, “This was a unique opportunity to explore what would happen to air quality if power station emissions were reduced.” Alas, the “Clear Skies” proposal by the current administration will actually allow power plants to increase dangerous emissions in many areas.

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