In the early hours of Tuesday, August 20, a comet estimated to be only sixty to a hundred feet across dove into the sun, causing a huge solar explosion.

Just before the comet hit, a coronal mass ejection exploded off the sun’s surface. While there is no known reason that there would be a connection between a CME and the impact of a tiny comet, this has been observed before. The CME was emitted from the opposite side of the sun that was struck by the comet, and appears to have begun before the comet struck.

The comet is a type known as as ‘Kreutz sungrazers.’ They are believed to be fragments of a much larger comet that broke up millions of years ago. About 150 sungrazers are observed each year. Most disintegrate without incident. But on July 1 and October 5, 2011, sungrazers struck the sun at the same time that coronal mass ejections were emitted, leading some scientist to speculate about a possible connection.

As was reported on on August 17, large comets can have a profound effect on the sun, and scientists now believe that a massive solar flare that took place in 775AD was probably the result of a cometary impact.

There is an alternative theory of the universe known as the ‘Electric Universe Theory‘ that has little mainstream scientific support, but would explain reactions such as those being observed in these situations.

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