Last Sunday the Loch Ness monster was sighted three times in eight hours, which is how often it was sighted during the entire year of 2002. Two of the sightings were from the cruiser the Royal Scot and the third was by a fisherman.

The captain of the Royal Scot saw a fast-moving wake in the water at around 2 pm, but thinks he was the only person aboard to see it that time. “The loch situation at that time was flat calm?absolutely mirror glass,” he says. “It was travelling at 30 to 35 miles an hour. It was probably chasing salmon. It is some sort of fish-eating machine.”

The second sighting from the Royal Scot came at 8 pm and lasted for 35 minutes, and was witnessed by all 25 passengers and the three crew members. “What we saw was the top of a hump four to five feet long and five or six inches out of the water. It was just drifting along with the water,” the captain says. The sightings came a week after the ship’s sonar detected an object 20 feet long and weighing almost two tons, 320 feet below the surface in the same area.

The third sighting was reported by a fisherman who saw something resting on the surface for three or four minutes before it did a surface roll into the water and disappeared. He described the creature as almost black in color and close to a seal in size.

Gary Campbell of the Loch Ness Monster Fan Club says, “Three sightings in a day, I would have to say, is a record.”

There’s more to see?and communicate with?in this world than many skeptics imagine.

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