We all know the polluting problems with gas-powered cars, but hybrids have their problems too. Now Honda has achieved something that many people thought could not be done: designed a hydrogen-powered car.

But don’t run out and order one?BBC News reports that Honda plans to manufacture only 200 of the cars over the next 3 years, starting in July, and at first they will be only available to lease. The first 5 customers have already been chosen and they?ve all from the LA area, where there are actually hydrogen fueling stations. The first person to get one? Actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Meanwhile, another Japanese company has designed a car that works on water!

We thought it would never happen, but it looks like it’s true: gas-powered cars will soon go the way of the dinosaur. And we’ll tell you who ELSE going to go extinct?Unknowncountry.com, IF we don?t get more SUPPORT! So give to the website you love and return to, day after day: subscribe today. And come MEET your favorite Dreamland hosts at our upcoming Dreamland Festival!

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