In our latest Insight, we talk about a Facebook message we received about an experience that is similar to one that Whitley wrote about in his book Transformation! Question: Could there be machines among us that we don’t even notice, because they are so human? This is the premise behind Whitley’s new novel, titled "Hybrids." How would humans feel if a robot touched them? (this could be important in the future, when robots perform some of the jobs, such as nursing, that humans do now). NOTE: Subscribers can listen to all three of these Hybrids chapters, plus the "mind control" chapter of his new nonfiction book "What is to Come").

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Shortly after we posted the download for Whitley’s out-of-print Communion sequel "Transformation," we received this Facebook message: "I wanted to tell you of an experience that I had this evening. It immediately reminded me of something I read in one of your books, about a couple of small beings that were seen in a bookstore when Communion came out.

"I was walking to a friend’s house, when I saw this little person come towards me down the sidewalk. As he got closer I noticed he (and I only say he because I had that impression) had something wrapped or put over his head, and his movement was like someone quickly shuffling along, a little on the wobbly side even, then he cut the corner and headed towards the upper road. I can describe in detail the jeans he was wearing, and he was wearing a white tee shirt and the wrap or whatever it was on his head was beige, a slightly darker shade than the shirt. I do slightly recall seeing black darkness between the strips of cloth or whatever was on his head. "This was so strange, this odd little being I saw, that it made me giggle a little. But the strangeness doesn’t end there.

I thought I was going to have to spend some time going through your books to find that similar part, when I was just sitting there on my bed and saw Transformation sitting on top of my bookshelf. I picked it up, flipped it to a page, and the name of the chapter caught my attention: "The Visitors Emerge." I started to skim through the paragraphs, and there it was, in Chapter 21. I get the impression that they just want me to know that yes, they are here? I will be thinking of this one for a while."

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  1. Their is Definitely something
    Their is Definitely something about that book, I have a double memory of the same instance happening 2 weeks apart, I was in my truck at a stop light and I looked over and in a small car to my left were two very small people in the front seats, they seemed to panic and the passenger was sort of kicking his feet around, I felt they were in a panic because I saw them, I started to laugh because of what was on their heads, it was a brown paper bag with two eye holes cut out. I wasn’t scared even though I naturally knew who they were, like I’ve known them for a very long time and I had thought how silly they were acting.

  2. The way this readers
    The way this readers describes almost being orchestrated years after the fact to look at parts of your book to validate a possible encounter in their life, I’ve had the exact same experience with your books.

    It was August 2003, when the mars opposition was happening, and on this site meditations for contact we’re on offer, I tried them. It was precisely at this time, I decided out of the blue to check out from the library both Breakthrough and the Communion Letters, I started leafing through them.. and 2 things struck me.

    From Communion Letters I was hit right away by all of this reference to owls connected with the close encounter experience.. I was unaware of this connection completely, and learning of it hit me really hard. In 2002 I had had an experience at night which I had until then though was a lucid dream taken over by a nasty dream guide. It was preceded by hours earlier waking up to my mom coming to my bedroom and drawing my attention to two owls that were hooting loudly outside above my bedroom, my family in almost 30 yrs had never seen owls in the neighborhood, it was highly unusual. I distinctly remember then having a feeling in me of, I better stay up or else I’ll be abducted… well later I went back to sleep and then found myself floating about 6 feet in the air in my room, and surrounded by light, i kept my eyes shut because i had the distinct impression there was a being by me, and god i didn’t want to see it. What irks me about the experience was the very real flavor of familiarity to it, the hidden familiarity of the dread, it was a dread like oh going to the principal’s office again. And I don’t really remember anything after that. Next morning and day was typical.

    From different incidences described in Breakthrough, I learned and saw the deep reach of visitors in ordinary physical life and how they would coordinate and orchestrate things for certain meaning.. which I think was designed for me to pick up, as to convey to me that yes I was lead by them to these books out of the blue at once, and that they were/are involved with me and my life. It was maybe kind of a backwards answer to the meditations for contact I did not expect.

  3. Mark-
    Your post really

    Your post really resonates with my own experiance:
    “It was August 2003, when the mars opposition was happening, and on this site meditations for contact we’re on offer, I tried them.”

    I did EXACTLY the same thing back in August of 2003, the events that unfolded I recorded in my journal/sketchbook. I was meditating around 11:30pm in my attic office when something was fluttering outside my window.(I mistook this for a crow, I don’t know why as it was a dark night) Then I heard loud thumps on the roof, followed by creaking footfalls on the old wooden floor outside my door. Then I fell asleep, and can’t recall a thing.
    Small events keep happening all the way into November of 2003. We live in an old 1888 Victorian home. One night in the still of winter I heard footfalls & creaking coming up our stairs. They were getting closer & closer. I truely thought there was a burglar, even though our neighborhood is pretty safe. I stood up by the closet, wide awake. I had a thought to get in the closet & get my Grandad’s old pistol from the top shelf. As soon as I thought this, the creaking stopped. This raised big fear in me as I stood there listening & thinking the ‘burglar’ had stopped & was listening also. Seconds passed. Then I heard a running down the steps, a loud crashing sound through the vestble doors (double doors), then exterior doors. It sounded like whomever was in teh hosue beat a hasty retreat, I rushed out & around to the stairwell and flipped on the lights, but everything was quiet, and still. I didn’t know if it was the vistors or poltergists. Our twin girls were born in April of 2003, so I thought that it was poltergists, but I had parental fear for my twins. I meditated for them to stay away & not to harm my kids and the events subsided. In any case, I can’t seem to reestablish contact anymore & feel I blew my one chance. I keep hoping there will be another window in which it will be easy to reconnect, now that my fear for my children is gone.
    I am so glad to read the Mars Meditation events happened to someone else also. Nothing like that has ever happened to me (that I am aware of) before.

  4. Thank you James for sharing
    Thank you James for sharing your message, and saying that my experience resonated with you. I recall at the time of the Mars Opposition, Whitley saying they were getting lots of email from people doing the meditations reporting that they seemed to be “working”, so to speak.

    I too, for months after the Mars Opposition continued meditations and experienced a flurry of little paranormal experiences along during that period (certainly in November of 03). It was the most kind of paranormal period of my life (well that I’m aware of, some of these little things during that period I KNOW I would not be aware of hadn’t been kind of heightening my conscious awareness through meditation, and I got the eerie sense with these said experiences of familiarity, like they do go on, except usually I’m not fully conscious in the sense that I’d remember in waking me reality).

    I too, feel like I blew a chance at contact with something, or somethings, or someone and I regret it, and in the back of mind I do carry with me a longing to conciliate that. Hard to describe because I know the possible danger of the visitors and how frightening it is, but the adventure and the taste, and chance to touch something which undeniably feels viscerally more real and greater than the reality we currently know. There is something that feels so centrally and unequivocally important about it too.

    I was frightened to death, but I think that’s how its going to be, you just have to know better, and not act on the fear.

    What didn’t really with the fear against wanting to take the invitation up was, as you may recall, in the autumn of 03 there seemed to be a dangerous crop and flap of visitor/abduction experiences, like the Cynthia case in B.C.

    In my experience in those months, I felt like I had interest from the visitors, DEFINITELY a ghost, and something in between the two perhaps. Probably here nor there though, we’re kind of bull headed in our delineation of all these individuals and stuff. The huge part (perhaps the largest part) of being is the connectedness.

  5. Mark-
    I continue to enjoyed


    I continue to enjoyed your posts. So where do we go from here? Since that big psychic experience in my life 8 years have passed. Nothing has new has come close. After no more meditation induced experiences happened (well only a minor incident, of footsteps to my door, but that pales to the events of fall 2003) I stopped meditating. I do still read all sorts of esoteric material regarding the paranormal. Many of the books are here on Unknown Country. I also have attended the Dreamland festival 2 times. On recommendation from a reading I received from a well known psychic (who those on UC are familiar with) I was told to “stop being an observer and start participating.”. So I read some recommended books and I am planning a visit to The Monroe Institute. I bought the gateway CD’s, but not much has occurred since using them. I am not sure why I can’t seem to reconnect with the source. Is it my age? (49) Is there an age window more conducive to contact? Did I blow my one chance? Does one need to keep up the meditations forever? Is our sense of time totally different than those who live in parallel universes next to us? How can we reconnect?
    The next time a Mars opposition is close as 2003 will be in 2050. (Not an option!) However there is one in 2012 on March 3rd, but not as near as 2003. Do Venus oppositions provide similar windows? My questions are beyond the scope of this forum,
    But to sum it up, I am still on the ‘path’ but not getting any signs. All I have is hope that something will happen again and this time I will have no fear.

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