Andy Fickman is a film director who takes a seriousinterest in the UFO phenomenon and his new film,Race to Witch Mountain opens Friday, March 13. Anne andWhitley Strieber appear briefly in a section of the thrillerthat gently spoofs the UFO community. The film has a lightheart, but it also raises compelling questions about thepossibility of an alien presence on earth, and what it mightbe like for aliens who appeared human to attempt to dealwith our society. This is the film that Anne wrote about in her diary a year ago.

In the film, a UFO expert struggles to help alienchildren who are of interest to a malign secretorganization that seeks to capture them and make use oftheir unique powers. Such a struggle, and such a danger, arenot all that far from possible, assuming aliens with uniqueand desirable powers–and no legal protection–were to endup here.

The movie is not a remake of the beloved 1970s film WitchMountain, but is a new story containing some of the sameelements. It’s rated PG.

An interesting fact: The director, Andy Fickman, is from Roswell.

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