One of the main problems in the world is that different groups of humans have trouble communicating with one another. Now researchers say we’d be better off if we behaved more like our close relatives, the chimpanzees. Scientists at the Zoological Society of London are looking for volunteers who are willing to test out this theory by acting like chimps in their work and home lives. They will be told to wave their arms, brandish objects to make themselves appear large and to assert authority over others, and bond with their groups by grooming each other.

The researchers think these actions can resolve workplace conflicts, help people express their emotions and strengthen human bonds. Instead of complaining about your boss to your fellow workers, show them how you feel by baring your teeth or using submissive body language such as lowering your head and crouching. A simple greeting should be replaced with a throaty “huh huh huh” pant.

Psychologist Professor Cary Cooper says, “What I love about this as a concept is that people don’t communicate enough to one another. What they communicate is words, not feelings, so this kind of thing would give them access to their emotions?Animals are more tactile and supportive, and very much a community. Unfortunately the workplace is seeing less of that these days.”

A secret U.S. government lab in the middle of suburbia that may have unleashed Lyme Disease and West Nile? Even a chimp would hoot about that!

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