Brian Walker is known as the “Rocket Guy” because he’s built his own rocket, which he plans to ride into space. “Hopefully I’ll launch from the black rock desert in Nevada,” he says. He?s been working on Project RUSH (Rapid Up Super High) for 4 years. When his rocket, Earthstar One, is completed, he will use it to ascend 50 miles straight up. It will be fueled by 90% pure hydrogen peroxide, and will descend back to Earth by parachute.

“It only takes 40 pounds of air pressure to give 2,000 pounds of lift to this, and then the rocket motor produces 2,500 pounds, so when I actually launch, I’ll have 4,500 pounds of thrust with a 1,000 pound rocket, so it’s gonna be a very frisky acceleration,” Walker says. He?s built a centrifuge to prepare for the G-forces he?ll experience and he?s tested the feeling of weightlessness with Russian Cosmonauts, who sold him one of their space suits. When he applied for a launch license from the FAA, he found out they already had a large file on him.

To keep up with his progress, go to his Rocket Guy website.

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