We’ve been warned that supersaturated tropical oils, like palm oil and coconut oil, are bad for the heart. These are often used in manufactured baked goods, because they keep them fresh and moist longer. Now a new cooking oil has been developed containing these “dangerous” oils, plus some olive oil and flaxseed oil, which helped men lose a pound a month, without dieting. But it doesn’t seem to work for women.

Over a 27-day period, overweight male volunteers substituted the special oil for regular cooking oil, without changing their diets, and lost an average of one pound. However, women didn’t lose any weight using the special oil. The Canadian researchers who developed the oil say it goes straight to the liver and is burned up there, without adding any fat to the body.

Most oils contain fats called “long chain triglycerides,” but the new oil blend contains fats called “medium chain triglycerides.” Despite earlier warnings, the oil might actually lower cholesterol by as much as 13%. Canadian researcher Peter Jones says, “After consuming the oil over a year, a man could lose one pound per month or 12 pounds per year.”

Men may not have to diet to lose their beer bellies, as long as they cook everything in the right kind of oil. Could all the things the medical establishment has been telling us about unsaturated oils be wrong?

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