Don’t stand in long store lines this year, shop in your closet instead. Maybe "regifting" (giving someone a present that you’ve received and don’t want) is the best way to go this Christmas, when budgets are tight and recycling is the thing to do. Because it’s not how YOU feel about the gift you give that counts, it’s how the person who RECEIVES it feels and research shows that when they’re asked to recall a gift they’ve received, they had no more memory of the expensive gifts than they did of the modest ones, meaning it truly IS the thought that counts.

In the December 13th edition of the New York Times, John Tierney quotes psychologist Francis J. Flynn as saying, "Our research shows that while gift-givers think they’re being more thoughtful by picking out expensive gifts, the recipients don’t appreciate the hefty price tag," Researchers have discovered that spending extra time and money for the perfect gift makes the GIVER–not the recipient–feel happier.

But won’t someone resent receiving something that you’ve obviously had around and no longer want? Tierney quotes Flynn as saying, "People assume it would be incredibly offensive for them to re-gift, but this may be another case where givers don’t understand how recipients would feel."

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