Experiencers have often said that some ETs seem to be “machines that are alive.” Whitley has wondered if this is what at least some of them are, and has included characters like this into his new novel The Grays. Now WE’RE making machines that are alive too!

Scientists are using bacteria to power motors, in a microscopic version of using animals to pull carts. Right now the bacteria are turning tiny man-made machines, but in LiveScience.com, writer Charles Q. Choi quotes researcher Yuichi Hiratsuka as saying, “In far future plans, we would like to make micro-robots driven by biological motors.” In other words, BOTH the machine and the engine will be alive.

Also ahead is the use of dead bacteria to power these motors, instead of live bacteria that might infect us in some unknown way. Dead bacteria can still move and power motors if they are “fed” correctly.

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