When we think of war, we think of the number of "boots on the ground" we have in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this type of war is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, future wars will be fought with remote-controlled drones and computers. This has probably already happened: The computers that control Iran’s nuclear arsenal were recently hacked into around a year ago, probably by Israel.

Meanwhile, the US is concentrating on using computer technology to "jam" the radar defense of enemy countries, so that our drones can sneak into their skies more easily. In the July 11th edition of the Los Angeles Times, W.J. Hennigan quotes Peter W. Singer, of the Brookings Institution, as saying, "War fighters have gone from using physical weapons like spears and knives, to chemical weapons such as gunpowder and explosives, to electronics with radio waves and computer codes. (Computers are) a natural evolution in warfare."

Computers are also a lot CHEAPER than troops. At a time when congress is under pressure to cut the defense budget, electronic attack technology is one of the few areas, along with drones and cyber security, in which President Obama wants to INCREASE spending. Of course, this money will go to the Pentagon, so the budget won’t really be cut–money will just be allocated differently. Hennigan quotes Laura Peterson, of Taxpayers for Common Sense, as saying, "We haven’t seen the kind of discipline that’s needed to really rein back the defense budget."

He quotes Raytheon CEO Jeff White as saying, "This is the new generation of electronic warfare. The enemy should never know what’s coming their way."

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