In 1972 in the little town of Louisiana, Missouri, there were sightings of a large, hairy creature with a nasty smell that became known as the ?Missouri Monster? or Momo.

When a 15-year-old girl reported seeing Momo outside her home, a local posse was formed to search for the creature. Reporters flocked to the site, but nothing was ever found. It was a classic example of a Yeti sighting.

Now the International Society of Cryptozoology has resumed the search. Its members examined the area in April, collecting witness statements and checking whether the area could provide enough food to sustain a Bigfoot-like creature. According to zoologist Richard Greenwell, secretary of the organization, their mission is to document and evaluate evidence about animals that have been reported to exist but have never been verified.

?We don?t accept things on faith,? says Greenwell. ?We evaluate information. Sometimes it takes years to reach a conclusion. This is just one piece.? On this trip, he was accompanied by Bill Riley, who saw the creature in July 1972.

Riley said that Momo chased him onto the porch of a farmhouse along highway 79. He described the creature as about 8 feet tall, giving off an odor he described as a mixture of sulfur and feces?only worse. He says he didn?t tell anyone about the encounter for 6 years, fearing no one would believe him.

When Riley made the recent trip to Louisiana, he says many locals came forward with stories of their own encounters, some as recently as 1996.

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