When men and women are asked how many sexual partners they have had, men report having had far more than women, which is statistically impossible?unless the man is an artist. New research shows that professional artists and poets have two or three times as many sex partners as other people.

In LiveScience.com, Robert Roy Britt writes that psychologists at the University of Michigan are is trying to understand this discrepancy in sexual reporting. Are the men bragging or the women not telling? In a recent survey of over two thousand heterosexuals around the age of 40, women reported on an average of 8.6 sexual partners, while the men reported having 31.9. When researcher Norman R. Brown Brown asked participants to rate the truthfulness of their responses, 5% said they lied and 10% said their answer wasn?t accurate. Brown also thinks that women are more accurate, while men tend to give a rough estimate.

We always hear about the steamy sex lives of artists, but it turns out these stories are true: they have two or three more sex partners than the rest of us. A study of over 400 men and women in the UK found that creative people averaged between four and ten sexual partners, while ordinary people had around three. And the more creative people were, the more sexual partners they claimed to have had, meaning that sex may be one of the things that inspires them.

The study also included schizophrenics, and scientists now know that artists share certain traits with schizophrenics, who also have major sex lives. Perhaps each of their many personalities wants the chance to have sex?

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