Therapists used to think of meditation as nothing more than a fading hippie pursuit or a useful means of relaxation. But a few psychologists were secretly trying it out–and they found it to be an incredible healer. Whitley Strieber found it to be something even MORE: In "Solving the Communion Enigma," he talks about how meditation helped connect him to the Visitors.

On AlterNet, Ronald Siegel writes: "The first use of mindfulness in psychotherapy to capture widespread attention among clinicians was introduced in the early 1990s to treat suicidal individuals with complex disorders for which little else seemed to work.

"Today, the picture is dramatically different. In a 2007 survey, over 41% of the nearly 2,600 therapists who responded reported that they were practicing some form of ‘mindfulness therapy.’ Mindfulness-based treatments are now being introduced into graduate programs, are frequently discussed at academic conferences, and are a constant on the workshop circuit. Certificate programs are appearing. Books about mindfulness for the treatment of you-name-it are coming out weekly, and we’ve even gotten to the stage where we’re beginning to see titles like ‘Beyond Mindfulness.’

"If we choose to use them this way, the array of practices gathering under the mindfulness umbrella can help us and our clients inch toward greater wisdom and compassion, with the ambitious goal of developing greater psychological awareness and freedom. This is the ultimate promise and challenge of the marriage between mindfulness and psychotherapy."

You can be sure that Whitley will lead some great new meditations at our Dreamland Festival in May. He’s found this to be the best way to get into contact with the Visitors, so whether or not you’re a contactee–or want to be–come meditate with us in Nashville! And don’t dread tomorrowMeditate today!

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