Anne’s new diary UPDATE! – In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: “The Stargate Conference during the weekend of October 16- 18 was a time of incredible synchronicity for me, and some of it was downright funny. It started on Friday afternoon, when I rubbed the belly of a fat, golden Buddha statue on the grounds. In Buddhism, rubbing the fat Buddha’s belly is supposed to bring good luck, but then absolutely everything started to go wrong!” Keep reading for UPDATE.

UPDATE: A reader writes: “Anne’s way off, rubbing the Buddha for good luck a myth, it has nothing to do with Buddhism. In Buddhism rubbing the Buddha’s belly is considered disprespectful and BAD LUCK, not good. So it’s no wonder that ‘absolutely everything started to go wrong’ as Anne says! Take it from someone with a PhD. in Buddhist Studies: It’s not good luck to rub the Buddha’s belly. It IS good luck to offer flowers, incense and saffron-flavored water, the way they do in Thai Restaurants.”

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