The American relatives of Adolf Hitler have entered into a pact to end the family bloodline. David Gardner, a British writer investigating the Hitler family tracked down a nephew who grew up in England, moved to America and had three sons. Those sons, who dropped the Hitler name, agreed never to have any children.

The three brothers live in Long Island, New York, and avoid publicity. Their father, William Patrick Hitler, is long dead. They live with their mother. Gardner gathered plenty of documentary evidence, including birth dates, before he approached the family in Long Island.

?When I actually knocked at their door, this is the first time anyone had knocked at their door for 50 years. So it was something of a shock to them,? he says. ?But William Patrick?s widow confirmed that her husband was indeed the nephew of Adolf Hitler.?

Gardner says the three great nephews have only a vague resemblance to Hitler. ?They?ve lived all-American lives. They live in a small town in Long Island?They were born in America, and these are the American Hitlers, in effect,? he says. ?Their father grew up in England, spent six, seven years in Germany in the 1930s, where his uncle gave him a job, and then he came to America just before World War II, and the family?s been here ever since.?

Gardner discovered that after moving to America, William Patrick Hitler served in the U.S. Navy where he fought against his uncle?s forces. ?But after the war, it became clear that having the name Hitler was not a good thing to have. And he changed his name, and went on to marry, have a family and live in total anonymity. That was for the last 50 years,? Gardner says.

As his children grew up, they were aware of the family?s bloodline. Gardner says, ?They talked among themselves, talked about the burden they?ve had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children.?

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