We once knew a math teacher who breezed into her inner-city middle school classroom and announced, ?Today we?re going to talk about sets.? She was greeted with total, silent attention and was baffled by this, until she realized her students thought she?d said ?sex.?

We?re talking about ?sets? too?books that come in sets and give you great information for less money. Here of a few of the ones we have on our website store. All of the authors have been popular guests on Dreamland radio.

First of all, one of our all-time favorite guests: William Henry. He has two sets of his books available?the Basic Set, consisting of Blue Apples, Atomic Christ, God-Making and City of Peace?for $95.50. His Advanced Set?The Healing Sun Code, The Crystal Halls of Christ?s Court and The Ark of the Christos (his latest book)?is $79.95, click here.

Crop Circle season is beginning in England and we?re anxiously awaiting the beautiful patterns to come. To see some of the patterns of the past, check out Lucy Pringle?s sets of calendars and postcards. Her set of 2001 and 2002 calendars is $39.95 and her postcard set of images from 1993-97 and 1998-2001 is $34.95, click here.

Dreamland listeners look forward to our reporter Linda Howe?s science reports each week. She?s selling a set of her 2 books: Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. II and Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles. Both are available for 49.95, click here.

Andrew Collins, a recent Dreamland guest from the U.K., is a specialist in ancient civilizations. His 2 books are From the Ashes of Angels and Gods of Eden, both for $27.50,click here.

Lots of us have decided we have Indigo Children and we need to learn how to handle them. Find out by reading The Indigo Children and An Indigo Celebration, by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, both for $23.70,click here.

Venture into the world of magic with Konstantinos, who is selling his 2 books, Contact the Other Side and Nocturnal Witchcraft, for only $28.95, click here.

Explore Shamanism with John Perkins, an expert on Psychonavigation and Shape Shifting. Both books are $21.50,click here.

Russell Targ was a skeptic until healer Jane Katra cured him of cancer. Read about it in Heart of the Mind and Miracles of Mind for $31, click here.

Loren Coleman has been on Dreamland several times and is a fascinating cryptozoologist. His books are Mysterious America and Mothman, which tells the real story behind the famous legend. Both are $28.95, click here.

We don?t just have books in sets?tapes come that way too. Learn about Sgt. Clifford?s Stone?s military UFO investigations from his History Denied video tape and Insider audio tape, both for $25.95,click here.

You order these sets over our internet store or call 800-898-0284 Monday-Friday from 7 am to 5 pm Pacific time.

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