It has been revealed that one passenger on the hijacked jet that crashed near Pittsburgh called his father from the plane, using his cell phone. He described the hijacking, and when he was told about the airplanes that had just crashed into the World Trade Center, he dropped the phone. When he picked it up again, he told his father that the male passengers had voted to try to overcome the hijackers.

There has been speculation that this plane, along with the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, was aimed either at the White House or Capitol Building. If either of these buildings had been hit, in the way that the Trade Center towers were reduced to rubble by planes crashing into them, this would have been a major emotional blow to the U.S. The major symbols of democracy would have been destroyed and we would have seen these images on television over and over again, becoming increasingly demoralized. While we would have recovered, as we will recover from the attacks we have sustained, it would have been a major psychological attack on the citizens of this country. Many of us might have begun to doubt that democracy will prevail, which is exactly what the terrorists intended with their attack.

We owe more than we may realize to the passengers who had the courage to fight for us on that plane. They may have saved the basic symbols of modern democracy that will give us the mental strength not to give up but to go forward and fight for freedom.

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