What’s coming up in the future? From its heyday in the 1950s to its current resurgence, 3-D technology has gone from a cinematic gimmick to a box-office gold mine. James Cameron’s Avatar, heralded for its creation of a three-dimensional fantasy world, is now the highest grossing movie ever. But do audiences really like it better than 2-D and what do they like about it? According to one researcher, the truth can be seen in their faces and eyes.

Researcher Richard Grunberg is measuring audience responses to four image formats: 4K (extreme high definition), 4K 3-D, 4K 2-D and 2K 2-D (still high definition, but with lower resolution) in order to find out how viewers react to the technical aspects of images. Grunberg says, “We’re trying to analyze how people perceive the difference in formats and then quantify it. For example, do people react 20% more to an image that’s shown in 4K high definition? Do they really have a greater response to 3-D images and to what degree? It

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