A gigantic meteor crater has been discovered in the desert in Jordan, suggesting that some terrible disaster took place in this area in prehistoric times. We know that an asteroid ended the world of the dinosaurs?could this asteroid have ended the ancient Sumerian world and given rise to ancient legends about end times?

Often these impact craters are too large to see from the ground, so despite having been there for millions of years, they haven?t been noticed. More of them are being discovered now thanks to NASA satellite surveillance.

Pravda quotes the Epic of Gilgamesh as saying, “The gods of Anunnaki raised up their torches casting bright lights towards the earth?The heavens were filled with despair and the daylight was overwhelmed by the covering darkness?The Earth was shattered like a jar of clay.”

In the mid-nineteenth century, English archeologists discovered the Epic of Gilgamesh carved in tablets, thought to have been created around 2650 BC, in an ancient Sumerian city in what is now Iraq. To see an image of the gigantic crater, click here.

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

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