The media is flooding the world with the false claim that a storm such as the one depicted in Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s The Coming Global Superstorm and the new movie The Day After Tomorrow cannot happen. They are using claims from scientists, mostly funded by the oil industry, to lull the public into a state of indifference about this danger. Every major media outlet in the world, from the New York Times to le Monde to CNN to the BBC to Fox and on down the list is repeating the same falsehood: the storm, as depicted in the movie, could not happen.

Data reported as recently as last September tells a different story, but the existence of this data is being ignored. It reveals the existence of an unknown type of storm that forms so fast that it is capable of flash-freezing plants in temperate areas, then leaving them covered with ice that does not melt for thousands of years. Read Whitley’s hard-hitting new Journal entry: The Day After Tomorrow?Watch Out! to learn about this data and the terrifying reality that it suggests…and to reflect on the equally terrifying fact that mankind continues to be lulled into a false sense of security by scientists afraid to admit the truth, and a media all too willing to continue to ignore reality.

If the government and the media won’t face reality, moviegoers may have to pressure them to change their minds. What did you think of the movie? Please tell us specifically which scenes you liked?or didn’t like?and if you think it will make a difference or be dismissed as mere entertainment. Write to and use “Film Comment” as your subject heading. We?ll report on your reactions later this week, using only your first name.

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