Whitley and Art warned about a possible superstorm here on earth, caused by global warming. It turns out that a solar superstorm may be on the way as well. NOAA warns that a solar storm could affect our technology here on earth, especially our satellites, and therefore our television and cell phone reception. Astronomers are researching what might happen in the future by examining what happened during a similar solar storm that took place around 150 years ago.

Robert Roy Britt writes in space.com that the “solar tempest” of 1859 affected communication as well. There was no satellite technology then, but communications on earth were still affected by the increase in solar activity: over 140,000 miles of telegraph lines, all over the world, were unusable for several hours.

Leonard David writes in space.com that the upcoming sun spots may destroy some of our older orbiting satellites and will probably reduce the operating life of the other ones by about a decade. The total cost of the damage could be over 30 billion dollars.

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