…We already know they’re changing OURS! We’ve written about how smog in China depends on which way the wind blows. In the August 11 edition of the Independent, Clifford Coonan reports that China?s incredibly expensive plan to manipulate the weather for the Olympics seems to be working, despite the many scientists who say it’s impossible.

China’s pollution problems are so great that it is learning to manipulate the weather by seeding clouds to produce rain when and where they want it. The downpour that was predicted in Beijing on the opening night of the Olympics was averted when officials fired over a thousand rockets into the sky the evening before to cause the clouds to drop their water in another area, away from the stadium. Observers in the West are asking themselves why china?s “Bird’s Nest” stadium wasn’t built with a retractable roof, like the Seattle baseball stadium. It turns out it was originally designed to have a roof, but the price of steel rose sharply while it was being built, making that too expensive.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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