Kuzya was taken to Yakutsk. Didn’t care for it–too noisy,too dusty, to unlike his beloved village home of Olenyok. SoKuzya took off, much to the distress of the Efremovs, whohad come to love their little friend of two years.

Despite all their efforts, they couldn’t find Kuzya.Finally, they had to return home. Sadly, they left Yaktuskfor their little village. It was a long journey becauseSiberia is a big place. In fact, it was a journey of 1,335miles, most of it along narrow roads through the fastness ofthe great Siberian forest.

Home was not the same without Kuzya…until the day, threemonths later, that he showed up at the door.

The cat had walked all that distance through the forest and,incredibly, returned right to his own front door. There weresigns of trouble–something had bitten his tail, his clawswere worn down to nubs, he was thin and bedraggled.

But he was home. He had done that legendary thing that catscan do–come back. He was welcomed by an astonished family.Now that he’s back, though, he’s a wary, careful cat. And ifthey decide to take him on another trip, he’s likely to pulloff another bit of cat magic and completely evaporate assoon as the cat carrier comes out…

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