A few weeks ago the Striebers were on vacation and we ran a repeat of a program from two years ago about the Dybbuk Box, that eerie winebox that has brought fear and tragedy to one owner after another, that was auctioned on Ebay. And we were flooded with requests: WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE BOX NOW?? So just for subscribers, we’ve responded with a great discussion between Whitley Strieber and Jason Haxton, the current owner of the box. Keep reading to learn about some of the things Whitley and Jason talk about.

Haxton writes: “Much has happened since September 2004. My research has uncovered amazing facts about what the creator was up to in designing this Jewish enigma. Also, I’m working closely with movie director Sam Raimi (who is of Polish Jewish descent), who will make a film about the box, and I have also discussed it at length, behind closed doors, with Jewish Scholars and Kabbalists.” To find out what he learned, subscribe today!

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