A radioactive package on its way to the U.S. was seized in the Kiev airport. An official with the Ukraine Ministry of Emergencies says the package was emitting radiation ”at a rate which is thousands of times higher than the acceptable norm in Kiev of 0.05 milliroentgens.” It was found in the luggage depot, and Russian diplomatic sources say this isn’t the first time this kind of package has been discovered there.

Joseph Farah writes in his newsletter that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, government officials lost track of much of the former Soviet nuclear arsenal. A black market has formed in nukes, which have been selling steadily to terrorist groups. This package is especially worrying because it was being sent to a terrorist group here in the U.S.

In 1995, Ukrainian officials in Kiev arrested two former Russian soldiers carrying 13 pounds of stolen highly enriched uranium, which is half the amount need for a nuclear bomb. In St. Petersburg, Russia in 1999, a Russian nuclear scientist and his accomplice were arrested for smuggling weapons-grade californium to Russian crime syndicates. They got the material from aging Russian nuclear icebreakers.

In 1993, the Islamic Jihad organization, a terrorist group in Iran, tried to buy nuclear material from Russia, and Osama bin-Laden is believed to have paid millions to acquire a Soviet-era ”suitcase bomb” in 1998.

About 100 nuclear smuggling attempts have been discovered by Russian and international law enforcement agencies over the last five years?but how many have gone undetected?

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