Athletes from countries around the world are getting ready to compete in the August, 2004 Olympics in Greece, and terrorists from around the world are getting ready to stage attacks there. Some of these terrorist groups are even cooperating with each other.

Western intelligence says these groups have been gathering and exchanging information, so anti-terrorism agencies have gotten together to share information too. Stylianos Syros, Greece’s counter-terrorism director, says, “We have an absolute need for an exchange of information between our services and to monitor and control the movements of these persons because the Olympic Games due to take place in August could be the target of anarchists.”

Al-Qaeda plans to sneak terrorists into Greece disguised as illegal immigrants. Israel has learned that it’s hard to keep terrorists out. They’ve put up a huge $1.9 billion security fence, but Palestinians have gotten across it using an ordinary ladder.

The fence consists of either a concrete wall or a chain-link fence with sensors and cameras or military patrols. But a security camera spotted Palestinians who brought a ladder to the fence and quickly scaled it, then entered a waiting car that whisked them away before any soldiers could reach the area. It’s thought that they were looking for work, rather than planning a suicide bombing, but this isn’t particularly reassuring to Israel.

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