People who are worried about terrorists sneaking over theborder into the U.S. say they successfully brought a fakeweapon of mass destruction into the country. The group wantsto show how easy it is for terrorists to sneak deadlyweapons across the Mexican border.

Mike King says, “I mean, you have people with backpacks,bottles of water and zero training coming across. I justwanted to show how easy this is for somebody with trainingto come into this country.”

Two members of the group carried a briefcase the size of a”suitcase bomb” inside a backpack into Arizona. They crosseda fence on the border separating the U.S. from Mexico, thenwent to a house in Arizona without being detected.

The Mexican government is checking their surveillancevideotapes. Mexican diplomat Miguel Escobar says, “If theincident can be confirmed, a formal letter of protest willbe submitted to the U.S. government.”

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