In the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” a manwants to erase memories of his lover. In the new (and old)versions of “The Manchurian Candidate,” men are programmedto kill on command. Is any of this possible?

In, Amanda Onion quotes film consultantneurologist Jay Lombard as saying, “We use the idea in [TheManchurian Candidate] that we have come to the point wherewe have the ability to influence the brain, not just fortherapeutic purposes, but for political ones.”

While scientists can’t program people’s actions yet, theycan manipulate their memories. One recent study found thatnine healthy middle-aged pilots who took the Alzheimer’sdrug Aricept remembered flight-simulator lessons much betterthan nine others who took a placebo. Other drugs, calledbeta blockers, can suppress emotional memories, and may beused to help people forget great traumas.

The government has experimented with mind-altering drugs inthe past. Lawsuits are now pending from people who claimthey were given LSD as part of a Cold War CIA program thatgave drugs to hundreds of unsuspecting Americans.

In the 1950s and 60s, researcher Jose Delgado put electrodesinto the brains of animals and caused cats and bulls toattack?then he turned off these attacks by switching off theimplants. It?s also been discovered that as a reward, ratsprefer the right kind of brain stimulation over theirfavorite snack. Psychologist Randy Gallistel says, “Ingeneral, you can produce spectacular motivation of all kindsby stimulating the brain in animals. There’s no reason tothink you couldn’t produce spectacular motivation in humans.”

Neuroscientist Robert Michels warns, “Neuroscience andrelated technologies not only lead to knowledge, they leadto power.”

Are our civilizations relics of those set up to control usbyAdvancedBeings?

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