Scientists have long dreamed of instantaneous travel through teleportation. Along with time travel and wormholes?all of which used to be science fiction but are now taken seriously?it?s considered to be one of the only practical ways to visit other solar systems.

Now Australian scientist Ping Koy Lam has proved that teleportation is real and can actually be done. Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have made a beam of light disappear in one place and reappear in another a short distance away.

If teleportation is possible for sub-atomic particles, it may be possible for spacecraft in the future. It can definitely be used in communications, enabling faster transfer of data.

40 labs around the world have been trying to teleport a laser beam after 1998 experiments at the California Institute of Technology showed it should be possible. The Australian researchers used a phenomenon called “quantum entanglement,” which means that two photons of light, created at the same time, are linked together?no matter how far apart they are. If something is done to one of them, the same thing happens to the other one. This could create instant communication throughout the galaxy?and maybe instant space travel as well.

“What we have demonstrated here is that we can take billions of photons, destroy them simultaneously, and then recreate them in another place,” Lam says. “The applications of teleportation for computers and communications over the next decade are very exciting.”

Quantum teleportation can also make coded information 100% secure, because even if someone intercepted the message, it would be unintelligible unless it was intended for a specific recipient. “It should be possible to construct a perfect cryptography system. When two parties want to communicate with one another, we can enable the secrecy of the communication to be absolutely perfect,” says Lam.

For a human to be teleported, a machine would have to be built that could analyze the trillions and trillions of atoms that make up the human body. “I think teleporting of that kind is very, very far away,” Lam says. “We don’t know how to do that with a single atom yet.”

Quantum teleporting is problematic for humans because the original would be destroyed in the process of creating the replica, meaning the astronaut himself wouldn?t make it to another solar system, but his ?clone? would. Are there any astronauts who would accept those criteria? Once we learn how to teleport humans, we can find out.

Millions of people all over the world have experienced a very special kind of teleportation know as out-of-body experiences. Learn how this is done from scientists who have proved the soul is real. Read ?The Afterlife Experiments? by Gary Schwartz, click here and ?Physics of the Soul? by Amit Goswami,click here.

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