In the Star Trek TV series, PEOPLE traveled this way. Real life researchers haven’t been able to achieve this yet, but they have reached the first step: the teleportation of data. Using quantum entanglement of light particles called photons, physicists teleported data over a distance of 89 miles from one Canary Island to another.

Researchers think that the greatest potential for this type of technology is for sending encrypted messages. In the Independent, Steve Connor writes, ?Scientists believe that a fundamentally new approach will be needed if it can ever be used for teleporting people or even non-living objects.?

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Quantum mechanics used to sound crazy (even Einstein didn?t believe it), but we now know that it?s the way the world really works. In this week’s Dreamland, listen to Anne Strieber talk about this with Marie D. Jones. Coming up soon for subscribers: Whitley interviews Jones about her discoveries. Support this kind of extraordinary radio of the edge, which you can only hear here: subscribe today!

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