Rupert Sheldrake has designed a test to see if you?re psychic. If you take this test, he and his colleague, Pamela Smart (who owns a psychic dog) would like to know the results.

First, find 5 people who feel they are psychic. The experiment should last an hour, during a time when no one is expecting other calls.

The coordinator then selects 2 of the 4 potential callers at random, by throwing a dice and assigning people numbers 1 through 4. If the same number comes up more than once, that person will make both calls. The 5th person will receive the calls.

The dice are then thrown to determine what times the 2 calls will be made. The hour is divided into 10 minute intervals, with 1 being 5 minutes after the hour. If 1 is 2:05, then 2 will be 2:15, etc. until you reach 6, which would be 2:55.

Shortly before the hour when the calls will take place, call all 5 people and tell them what role they will play in the experiment. When people are not participating, they should avoid thinking about it.

Phone the people who will make the calls 5 minutes ahead of time so they will start thinking about the person they?re going to call. During the one hour period, the person who expects to be called should sit within reach of the phone and can relax and pursue other activities, although they should not watch television, since this tends to reduce psychic sensitivity. When the phone rings, before answering it, this person should write down the name of the person they think is calling, and when answering the phone, should immediately say that name.

At the end of an hour, the results should be tabulated. This experiment should be repeated a total of 5 times, to rule out chance. With 4 possible callers, there is a 1 in 4 chance of guessing correctly. The people who prove to be most psychic can be tested again.

If you try this experiment, note the name of the coordinator, the names of the potential callers and the person who received the calls, and the date and time you did the experiment. Then record who actually made the calls, the time they called and whether the receiver guessed right or wrong.

Dr. Sheldrake is also looking for examples of psychic communication between mothers and babies, situations where people who feel that a person or animal is looking at them, and the feeling someone is going to e-mail you before it happens.

You can e-mail test results and information to Pamela Smart at

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