To help you decipher all the confusing information coming out about Swine Flu, we have an new Insight about how dangerous it is (or isn’t) and what you should do to prevent it or treat it if you get it. Theletter was intended for the friends and family of the doctorwho wrote it, but it ended up in the public domain when itwas published on a blog. Distorted versions of the letterhave been circulating on the internet, but we believe thisto be the original document. Remember that the letter doesNOT say that the H1N1 virus now circulating is moredangerous than authorities are claiming, just that it ishighly contagious and, due to the 2-3 day lag in the CDCreporting process, it is probably spreading relativelyrapidly. When this type of emergency (or potential emergency) comes up, you know we’ll be here for you with the latest REAL news and advice. But for that to continue, we need your support: subscribe today! And join us in Nashville in June!

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