If you live in Vienna, you can chase them away with your radio, but most of us just swat them. Why do we usually miss?

In LiveScience.com, Jason Socrates Bardi explains that mosquitoes are so lightweight that it’s easy to push them away when we’re trying to swat them. It’s much more effective to clap our hands together and trap the mosquito in the middle. The very BEST way (if you can stand it) is to wait until they land on your body, THEN swat them.

Mosquito expert Jeannine Dorothy warns that there were a large number of mosquitoes this year, meaning there will be many of them around next year as well, laying their eggs on the ground, where they will remain until the heavy rains of 2010. So next year, we’ll be swatting like crazy, which is why it’s time to learn how to do right.

Once nice thing about the desert in the fall: no mosquitoes! Another nice thing is that we are having a delightful conference there on October16-18: Join us!

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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