Comes from China! – It’s about time: In a direct contradiction of the long-asserted claim of skeptics that “no astronomer has ever filmed a UFO,” Chinese astronomers have announced that they videotaped one for forty minutes during the July 22 eclipse that was seen over most of Asia. While the UFO community is filled with speculation that this incontrovertible sighting may result in an official announcement on the part of the Chinese government, so far no such announcement has been made.

The sighting came during a period of exceptional UFO activity over China, which has led some to speculate that first contact will take place in that country rather than in the west. The UFO is strikingly similar to one videotaped over British Columbia in 2002 by a local resident, which remains one of the clearest UFO films ever made. Both are authentic, but the Chinese imagery, of course, was made by professional astronomers. The Purple Mountain Observatory has stated that it will keep the object under study for at least 12 months, until a definite determination can be made about what it is. The idea that it may be a flying object under intelligent but unknown control has not been discounted. It is probable that there will be contacts regarding the matter between the Chinese and US governments, and the US government will request that no reports be published suggesting that the object is an intelligently controlled unknown. The US routinely responds to UFOs by sending up armed jets in response, and in October of 2008, the British Ministry of Defense released a report that the US Air Force had scrambled jets over Surrey when a UFO was spotted on radar, and ordered them to fire on the object, which disappeared just before the pilots release their rockets. This report was corroborated by one of the pilots, Dr. Milton Torres, who has given numerous interviews about the incident. There are no reports of China or any other Asian country responding to UFOs with an armed attack, and, for the past year, UFO activity over China has been extensive while, by comparison, US UFO activity has been light, responded to with armed planes, and derided or ignored in the media.

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