The Sunspot Observatory was closed and evacuated on September 6 due to an undisclosed security risk and remains closed at this time. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has temporarily closed the facility and evacuated the 5 homes around it. Residents were ordered to leave so suddenly that they were unable to take possessions with them. An Unknowncountry witness who visited the site found that the entire area is closed off and evacuated, not just the observatory itself. Locals say that the FBI is involved and vehicles have been seen in the area, but there appears to be absolutely no information available about why the observatory was closed.

Normally, if a terrorist incident was involved, there would be public disclosure in the interest of public safety. No such disclosure has taken place. The FBI has stated that the closure has nothing to do with UFOs or aliens, and we have been unable to find any UFO reports involving activity around the observatory.

There are classified facilities in the general area of the observatory, but we have been unable to confirm that any such equipment is present in the Sunspot Observatory. According to security experts who asked not to be named, a threat to classified materials or equipment might cause an unexplained evacuation like this, especially if an employee with access to such equipment was found to have a clearance issue.

The Sunspot Observatory observes the face of the sun, records sunspot acitivty and is involved in the examination and evaluation of solar events. There are presently no unusual solar events in progress. For more information about the observatory’s activities, click here.

There is an entire subculture on the internet of people who believe that the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory frequently posts images that show artificial objects near the sun. The great majority of these are video artifacts. In 2013, our Out There section posted an unexplained image of an object manevering near the sun that did not admit of easy explanation.

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