Cell phone not functioning? It could be due to vibrations on the sun?or maybe right here on Earth. And did you know that psychologists have decided that cell phones cause a SPECIAL KIND of anxiety?

We all know about sunspots and solar flares, but for the first time, scientists have observed more subtle oscillations in the Sun’s corona that send energy outward from the surface of the sun?energy that can disrupt cell phone calls.

Solar winds could shake magnetic materials, such as nickel, deep within the earth. In New Scientist, David Shiga quotes engineer David J. Thompson as saying, “It’s a really odd kind of phenomenon. It’s not a very violent shaking, but it is measurable.”

But not all scientists agree that solar winds affect the earth in this way. Shiga quotes NASA’s David Hathaway as saying, “It seems extremely unlikely to me.”

Researcher Steve Tomczyk says that solar winds, called Alfv

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