Throughout his long career, Zechariah Sitchin maintained that Nibiru existed, and now a new NASA probe seems about to prove him right. Our sun may have a companion that disturbs comets from the edge of the solar system–a giant planet with up to four times the mass of Jupiter (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

A NASA space telescope launched last year may soon detect such a stealth companion to our sun, if it actually exists, in the distant icy realm of the Oort cloud, which surrounds our solar system with billions of icy objects. Most comets that fly into the inner solar system seem to come from this region.

Astronomers are discovering strange moons as well: For instance, there is a geological landmark on Saturn’s moon Iapetus that is most peculiar: It’s an almost straight-line mountain range that towers upwards of 12 miles and spreads as wide as 60 miles, encircling more than 75% of the planet. Astronomer Andrew Dombard says, "There’s nothing else like it in the solar system. It’s something we’ve never seen before and didn’t expect to see." Researchers think the mountains resulted from icy debris raining down from a sub-satellite or mini-moon orbiting Iapetus, which burst into bits under tidal forces of the larger moon.

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