Listen to this week’s Dreamland for new insights – An unusual image was taken by the Mars Rover Spirit last November. The fact that it appears to be a figure of some sort is being dismissed by planetologists as an example ofpareidolia, the human tendency to unconsciously constructapparent human images out of random forms that suggest them. It’s quite small, just a few feet from Spirit, but it is apowerful reminder of how littlewe actually know about Mars, and the dismissive reaction inthe scientificblogosphereis a warning that,if we don’t keep an open mind about the red planet’sanomalies, we are never going to understand. The problemwith the discovery of an object like this is that, if it isa statue or even a living creature, it calls many cherishedtheories into question, and that is going to result inresistance. So what is certainly one of the strangest photosever taken by one of the rovers is going to be tossed onto thescientific dustbin without serious study, or dismissed as atrick of light and forgotten.

Given the fact that the one consistent cycle in UFOsightings is that they increase when Mars is close to Earth,as has been happening recently, it is interesting that thisand other extremely unusual images have been returned by therovers are being ignored. However, the same scientificcommunity that dismisses these images out of hand alsoclaims, incorrectly, that there is no physical evidence ofUFOs. There is extensive evidence, ranging from millions ofsighting and close encounter reports, to unexplainedmaterials and implants that have been extracted fromwitnesses and in some cases carefully researched,and photographs and videos that cannot be dismissed.

Another one of the many anomalous images collected by therovers and dismissed without comment is this apparent “log”on the surface. It’s another odd rock, supposedly. It isonly one of many ignored and unexplained features, thetotality of which suggest that there is something importantabout the red planet that we are missing, or refusing toacknowledge.

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