A skin infection that is resistant to all but the most powerful antibiotics and can be passed by touch has moved from New York City hospitals out into the streets. Dr. Howard Grossman says, “Usually with infections you need a break in the skin to pass it. Not with this. It gets through unbroken skin with casual contact.”

Sam Smith writes in the New York Post that it can cause abscesses, tissue loss, amputation or even death in severe cases. Doctors at some clinics are seeing one new case a week, compared to one every two months a year ago. Dr. Dawn Harbatkin says, “This is something we should be concerned about.”

A patient named Steven caught the superbug last year. It started as a pimple on his leg that grew larger and became painful. The infection didn’t respond to antibiotics and started moving towards his groin. He says, “The fact it wasn’t responding [to drugs] and it was moving up that way was terrifying. It was eating up tissue.” He eventually had to be hospitalized and ended up taking an antibiotic that cost $100 per pill. Doctors think he may have caught it at the gym.

As if that isn?t enough of a horror story, Kieran Crowley writes in the New York Post that a severed human hand mysteriously dropped out of the sky onto the deck of a boat in Long Island last weekend. Detective Sgt. John Azzata says the boat owner “heard a noise, goes out to check and finds the hand on the rear deck of the boat. At this point, we don’t have a clue where it came from. It’s a mystery.”

This is nothing compared to what went on in Lab 247.

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