Crop circles have landed in the U.S. and UFOs are flying abroad. Local lawyer Lex Kramer discovered crop circles in wheat fields in Easton, Maryland. He says, “It’s like a very defined shape that looks like someone had taken a roller out there and rolled it in some sort of configuration.” And hundreds of people in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, saw a UFO flying over the city on Monday.

Chris Williams writes in the Maryland Star Democrat that the circles appeared during a period of several days in almost every wheat field in Easton. Kramer says, “It looked like the whole field had been done. It was likely some hoax, maybe. I don’t want to be looked at as some kind of crackpot, but there’s definitely something there.”

National Weather Service forecaster Richard Hitchens says, “It does not look weather-related to me, it’s too random. A microburst would’ve been in a continuous area. I’ve never seen anything weather-related that would produce that.”

The Baku UFO was seen in various parts of the city in the early evening. It looked like a “drop of milk” in the cloudless sky. After remaining motionless for a time, it sped off rapidly, in the typical fashion of UFOs. Professor Elchin Khalilov, who studies abnormal phenomena, says, “It is already unequivocally clear that the fixed object is not (a) plane, helicopter or other flying means?(It) is abundantly clear that it is object of a technical origin?I cannot tell exactly how far (away) the UFO was. (It) all depends on the size of UFO?(It) was rather low above ground and it was large ?with symmetric elements on each side.” It’s the second UFO to appear over Baku since January.

What’s the truth behind crop circles and UFOs? Our fearless science reporter has investigated them for years and tells all she knows.

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