Anne Strieber has often written about the incredible synchronicities in her life. Extraordinary coincidences happened to other people recently too.

What’s the probability of two complete strangers, whose sons concurrently starred on Broadway in the Tony-Award-winning hit Billy Elliot the Musical, being hired by the same employer? Not very likely, but that’s exactly what happened to Tammie Cumming and David Alvarez-Carbonell when they were both hired at New York City College. Cumming’s son, Alex Ko, will be the fifth actor to rotate into the title role of “Billy Elliot,” joining Alvarez-Carbonell’s son David, who has starred in the show since it opened on Broadway last fall.

Alvarez-Carbonell says, “Being a father of a ‘Billy’ is surreal; from now on, anything can happen in my life and nothing will be a surprise!”

In a much less glamorous example of synchronicity, a 911 dispatcher from Quincy, Massachusetts received a call that surprised him: A neighbor reported that the dispatcher’s house was on fire. In, Stephanie Chen reports that the caller said, “My neighbor’s house just blew up” and when dispatcher Mike Bowles asked him for the address, he recognized it as his own. And one of the first firefighters to arrive was his cousin Tom.

Anne Strieber is about to write a diary about the incredible coincidence that happened to her and Whitley on their recent trip to New York! If you love Anne’s diaries and Whitley’s journals (as well as our incredible radio shows and news of the edge), make sure it all keeps coming: Subscribe today! And come meet both of them (plus William Henry and Starfire Tor) IN PERSON in October.

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