UPDATE – Now it’s a hoax? Or is the claim that it’s a hoaxthe real hoax? You’ll need to decide for yourself! For helpdoing that, clickhere. Irish explorer Devin Dempsey went on an expedition tothe South Pole on January 6 and claims he saw a US-run alien base there. (We were iffy about this story because of theIce Cube reference…)

In his website blog, he writes: “I can now tell you that the so called Ice-Cube project is in fact the first of a new generation of ARC, as we believe it is known as internally. Think ARC, think Noah. But not in the same way. Noah used his arc to save all life forms from extinction. This new ARC is in a way a reversal of that process. ARC stands for ALIEN RECEPTOR CENTER.

“They are bringing aliens in from outer space and other galaxies, processing and programming them for eventual release into countries, societies, cultures all over theplanet, that they ultimately want to control. This is not a simple war on the battle for control of oil. This is total & ultimatecontrol of the planet.”

It’s hard to believe but here at unknowncountry.com, we believe in keeping an open mind, so click here and decide for yourself. Who knows what the future will bring? (John Hogue does!)

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